New Jewelry! Revolar & Cerimani Partner Up

Today is a big day! Today, we are letting you know about a huge partnership we have worked on in order to add more to our line of products. You will soon be able to wear your Revolar in a new, fresh, fashionable way! Revolar is partnering with Cerimani to make jewelry which will fit securely around our newest Revolar Instinct wearable!

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About Cerimani

We did not take the task of choosing a jewelry partner lightly. We primarily chose Cerimani because they create high quality jewelry while operating a sustainable business model with a strong social mission. Part of our goal has always been to provide as many people with a way to stay safe at an affordable cost.

Did you know that Thailand is one of the top producers of jewelry for brands worldwide? In much of the industry, those working in manufacturing exist behind the scenes. They are the nameless, forgotten, and are paid subsistence wages. Cerimani is working to change this by drawing clear lines of communication between the master craftsmen that make their jewelry and those who enjoy it around the world. Through taking a portion of their proceeds and investing in impoverished communities in Thailand, they are working to elevate the living standard through providing running water, sanitation, and education to those who have been left behind by development. This includes the creation of trade schools, which is helping hill tribe members gain access to vocational training for the first time in the region’s history and planting seeds for economic growth that will bear fruit for many generations to come.

We’re proud to partner with a company whose work helps make this world a cleaner, healthier, more beautiful place!

Revolar’s mission is to help people stay safe and more connected with their loved ones. Although Cerimani’s mission seems vastly different from ours on the surface, it’s not. Cerimani is building a business that works hard to make our world a safer place from disease, pollution, and poverty. That’s why Cerimani is so adamant that part of each and every purchase will go toward helping someone in need.

Cerimani & The Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand

64% of the population in this region of Thailand are living below the global poverty line of $1.90 per day in income. Additionally, 40% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water and adequate waste disposal. Cerimani has pledged to “work closely with the Karen Hilltribes Trust to fund clean water pipeline projects for villages in the Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand.”

These projects make the communities safer. Children no longer have to walk long distances to obtain and purify polluted water and therefore they can spend more time at school working on their education. Improved access to clean water can even reduce levels of typhoid by 98% according to Cerimani’s website. Cerimani’s work to improve sanitation and clean drinking water in Thailand is second to none.

How Revolar & Cerimani Work Together

Revolar makes personal safety wearable devices. You can press the button either 1, 2, or 3 times to send a friendly Check-in, Yellow Alert, or Red Alert, respectively. The device pairs to a qualifying smartphone via Bluetooth to leverage the location services and cellular data that are already available on your smartphone. This allows us to develop safety wearables that do not require a monthly fee for built-in GPS.

Each Revolar currently comes with a basic keychain and clip attachment but Cerimani adds another element of fashion and wearability to our existing products. You will be able to simply press a button on your stylish necklace and call for help. That’s why we’re so excited to merge our technology with the amazing design prowess of the Cerimani team!

Thank you, Cerimani!

We’re excited to take off on this journey with you. Together, our missions become stronger. It’s an honor to combine your cutting edge designs with our safety wearables. This partnership will help both of us to best serve our customers while making this world a better, safer place!

Don’t forget! Please let us know your thoughts on the designs and styles of jewelry you like best!