Infographic: The Scale of the Sexual Assault Crisis

-By Kate Mitchell

In the aftermath of her sister’s assault, the need for a product like Revolar became clear to our CEO, Jacqueline. Since then, Revolar has focused on designing technology that can help prevent assaults and other emergencies. And with our mission, we know how important SAAM (Sexual Assault Awareness Month) is in bringing attention to this crisis. That's why we created this infographic to share facts about sexual assault:

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) Infographic

The Reality in the US

Let’s dive into a few of these staggering numbers you may have seen floating around the internet this month. It’s reported that every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted, resulting in a total of approximately 321,500 assaults nationally every single year. It’s also reported that 91.6% of assault cases go unreported to the police. Let’s zoom in on this last one. It’s important to note that the reasons these cases aren’t reported are as varied and nuanced as the survivors themselves.

It may be that the attacker is a friend or loved one, and the victim does not wish to undergo the painful process of outing this person’s violent behavior to shared acquaintances and family members. It may be that the victim experienced the assault in a work environment and is scared to jeopardize their job. It may be that due to economic or political barriers, the path to justice appears too costly or treacherous. Or it may be that the survivor fears reprisal or being ostracized for coming forward.

The Crisis in South Africa

South Africa is a prime example of this underreporting phenomenon, where only one in 9 assaults are reported to the authorities. While reported assaults have gone down 5% in recent years, South Africa’s tumultuous political climate has lead to a long legacy of assault that continues to this day. The “female fear factory” ethos — in which women are encouraged to simply stay in rather than risk assault out in the world — still very much exists. Thus, the onus is put on potential victims to stay safe.

The Road Forward

Our commitment to changing this reality over time runs even deeper than technology. That’s why we donate 1% of our equity to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and partner with their LoveIsRespect campaign to educate young people about healthy relationships and consent.

Shining a light on the sexual assault crisis is why we decided to launch Revolar Instinct with a donation campaign during SAAM — to let survivors know that we stand with them every single day, wherever they are.

To donate Revolar to someone in need today, visit our Indiegogo page.