From Immigration to Innovation: Why I Co-founded Revolar

I haven't always had the courage to tell this story. But after three years of working at Revolar, I'm finally ready to share it. It’s the story of my family’s immigration to the U.S., and how that experience lead me to co-founding Revolar.

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia. During my childhood, in the 90s, Colombia was one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Like so many of our neighbors in Bogotá, the lack of safety in the city became all too real for my family.

We faced several traumatizing events like car bombs and robberies in our neighborhood. But when my grandmother disappeared, my family felt our sense of safety and our right to live freely evaporate overnight.

For my parents, life as they knew it stopped. They paused their lives and reached out to loved ones for help and support. It was more than a month before we learned that my grandmother had been kidnapped. I can only imagine that month felt like an eternity for my parents.

After 8 months, she was finally returned to us, but our lives had been changed forever. My parents realized that they couldn’t continue raising us in that environment, that we would have to move to feel safe again.

I will never forget my father telling me, “We can’t continue to live our lives in fear of what's going to happen tomorrow.” Shortly after that, we moved to the United States. My parents left their careers, their extended families, and everything they knew to move my siblings and me to a safer place.

With $1K and three suitcases, we flew to Charlotte, NC to begin a new life.

I will be forever grateful for what my parents’ sacrificed to move to this amazing country. We learned a new language, made new friends, and discovered new opportunities.

Today, my parents have their own company (if you’re wondering where I learned to be an entrepreneur) and all of my siblings and I went to great universities that set us up for incredible careers (my brother works at Revolar with me!).

Our family, back in Colombia

Over the last 20 years, the situation in Colombia has progressed a lot. Now, I go back every year to visit family and explore new cities. It's a magical country full of amazing, kind, and loving people. And although Colombia is improving, like everywhere, there is still fear.

These experiences have led me to the understanding that everything we love and hold dear rests on a foundation of feeling safe. That’s why when Jackie approached me with the idea to create a safety wearable, I dropped everything.

I wanted more than anything to help people feel secure enough to live freely and fulfill their potential—to give people the same opportunity I was given so many years ago.

- Andrea

P.S. You can learn more about Revolar and our mission here.