Empty Nest? Worry Less—Connect with Your College Kid More

Some parents have difficulty adjusting to an empty house once their kids have left for college. Empty nest syndrome is a real phenomenon many moms and dads experience. But while your relationship to them may be changing, there are ways you can stay close and still let them grow into their independence.

Don’t Hover -  “Helicopter parenting” describes parents of young adults who swoop and do all of the tasks even though the child is capable of doing it themselves. While this parenting style develops with good intentions, the consequences can echo well into adulthood.

For parents, it’s important to find a balance between helping your child grow and succeed while also letting them problem solve to develop the necessary skills to be independent and self-sufficient. Let them be in charge of choosing the classes they take, getting their books, dealing with that parking ticket, or managing a budget on their own.  

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Send a Care Package - A little love-in-a-box with a handwritten note from home is nice to get at any age. Plus, you’ll breathe easier knowing that your college kid will get a physical reminder that you’re still there to support them.

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Give Them Some Space - While you may be experiencing empty nest syndrome, your college student is transitioning to life on campus. Though calling or texting them every night may be hard to resist, let your college student set the boundaries for communication. They’ll appreciate the space and that you’re recognizing their independence and ability to take care of themselves.

Set aside some time to talk with them once in awhile. While you can give them advice, try to focus on spending more time asking questions and listening. They'll be more likely to take you deeper into their college life if they feel like you're interested in hearing about their experience as opposed to dictating what they should and shouldn't do.

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A Revolar Wearable - Maybe your worry isn’t that they won’t rock their college classes or adjust to life on campus and their newfound independence. It’s wondering if they’re safe when going out or walking home at night.

Let them check-in with you using a Revolar wearable, and you’ll be the first to know if they made it home safely, something doesn’t feel right, or if they need help. With our wearable, they can check-in with their chosen contacts and discreetly ask for help or backup from friends and family if they need it.

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