As A Muslim Woman, Here's Why Revolar Is By My Side

As a Muslim woman, I've grown up always being self-conscious of my surroundings. My community has always been under scrutiny and since I wear my religion on my head, I tend to be a very easy target.

Unfortunately, this political climate has incited a lot of hate and bias that surrounds my religion, Islam, and it has created an environment of uncertainty. I constantly hear of attacks against minorities which makes me nervous anytime I go out.

There's this habit I have always had where I imagine different scenarios that could possibly happen and how I would react to them, but even with me trying to mentally prepare myself there is no way I can prepare myself to react appropriately to the situation.

Even with me carrying pepper spray and making sure my phone is always on hand I still worry that I won't be able to act fast enough in case anything did happen. That is where Revolar comes into my life.

It has allowed me to ease my worries when it comes to both my safety and the safety of my family members. My Revolar allows me to be ready to alert those close to me if anything were to happen, even if it were to be something minor.

I rely on Revolar to give me a sense of protection but it gives me more than just that, Revolar gives me security.

-By Suzi A.

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