5 Leaders in the Fight Against Sexual Assault


In honor of sexual assault awareness month, we’re recognizing 5 individuals and organizations who are bringing attention to the cause and providing resources to prevent assaults and support survivors.

We chose leading advocates from the big screen, the world stage, music, and the campus movement, as well as a leader working for change right in Revolar’s backyard.



Viola Davis, The Rape Foundation

Viola Davis (cropped)

The Academy Award winner and How to Get Away With Murder star is also a sexual assault survivor and advocate for the Rape Foundation, an organization founded to enhance treatment, prevention, and education around sexual assault.

During a speech at an event put on by the Rape Foundation, Davis said, "Myself, my mother, my sisters, my friend Rebecca, my friend from childhood, we all have one thing in common: We are all survivors of sexual assault in some way, shape or form." Davis is one of a growing number of celebrities who have come forward to share their stories and show survivors that they aren’t alone.



Annie E. Clark and Sofie Karasek, End Rape on Campus (EROC)


The co-founders of EROC are leaders in advocating for policies to prevent campus sexual assault. Clark helped write the Bi-Partisan Campus Safety and Accountability Act and Karasek was a prominent voice in advocating for California’s landmark “Yes Means Yes” affirmative consent law.

End Rape on Campus is at the forefront of supporting student survivors, educating  on sexual assault prevention, and advocating for policies that support all sexual assault survivors.



Joe Biden, It’s On Us

Joe Biden speaking

The former Vice President was instrumental in creating the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and It’s On Us. These efforts were a welcome step toward changing the culture around sexual assault and teaching bystander intervention as a prevention method on campuses and beyond.

After leaving the White House, Biden continues to be at vocal and highly visible advocate for survivors and sexual assault prevention.



Lady Gaga, Born This Way Foundation
Lady Gaga vigil 2016

During the 2016 Academy Awards, Lady Gaga took the stage to perform, “Til It Happens to You”, a song from the documentary The Hunting Ground about campus sexual assault. During the performance, 50 survivors of sexual assault stood behind Gaga in what became an iconic visualization of the impact of the sexual assault crisis.

Gaga is a sexual assault survivor and the co-founder of the Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit that uses creative campaigns to empower young people to spread kindness, provide mental wellness resources, and create more positive social climates in schools.



Karmen Carter, the blue bench

Karmen Carter, head of the blue bench

As the executive director of Denver-based sexual assault resource center, the blue bench, Karmen has helped her organization focus on changing the culture around sexual harassment and assault. One way blue bench has activated this mission is by empowering schools to help teach their students about healthy relationships, spotting sexual harassment, and getting help.

The blue bench, a partner of Revolar, was started in 1983 by three friends of a rape survivor. The three friends realized that there were no resources for rape survivors in Denver, so they created their own organization to provide advocacy, prevention, and care resources.

Who would you add to this list of individuals and organizations?