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Why We March

Why We March

Washington, DC

On January 21st, we march.

We march because we believe that all people deserve to live with dignity and the freedom to pursue happiness without fear.

We march because we care about the success of our nation’s future and because we want to be active, positive participants within our communities.

We march because we believe technology can empower people across all backgrounds to be there for one another.

We march for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

We march so that all those who feel threatened or marginalized will know that we at Revolar have your back.

We march in solidarity with civil rights heroes of the past and present, the women, minorities, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, our veterans, our active military, our police officers, our community leaders, all people who have stood up for our freedoms and protected our right to be heard. We march for the bigger picture - the one we all play a role in painting.

Revolar will be at the Women’s March on Washington to show those who are peacefully making their voices heard that we have their back.

We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe when they’re peacefully making their voice heard. For that reason, we’ll also be giving away some pairs of Revolar wearables to people taking part in a Women’s March — one for them and one for someone they look out for.

So look for us in our Revolar T-shirts at the Women’s Marches on Washington. If you won't be at one of those marches, you can also enter the #WhoHasYourBack giveaway here.

To all of those peacefully making your voices heard and all of those who look out for the ones you love. We have your back.

-The Revolar Team


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