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The Google for Entrepreneurs Campus Exchange

Revolar has been quite the adventure so far. We have hit some incredible milestones and more than anything, our team continues to grow. The day we hired our 10th employee, I started to see that slowing down was nowhere in sight. We are here to stay and grow!

Once we were accepted into the Google for Entrepreneurs campus exchange to scale, I saw it as being the best opportunity to figure out the balance of maintaining the flexibility and creativity of a startup while creating a healthy structure and foundation for organization. What better way to do that than to learn from the best: Google.

I have been with Revolar for almost 2 years and my team can attest to how much I love and hate structure. I love flexibility, but I also love being very organized. It even explains my title. As Adam Stelle, director of the GFE Exchange in San Francisco said after he saw my email with our labeled itinerary, "I can tell that you're COO!"

The Google for Entrepreneurs experience was 6 long days, 7 nights, 10 incredible teams, and whole lot of fun. We had some incredible speakers like David Langer from Zesty, Ligaya Tichy from Airbnb, and Dave Munichiello from Google Ventures. We opened up about the truth of scaling, building a community during growth, and the importance of culture.

While I could write for days about how beneficial this experience was, I wanted to share the biggest takeaways from this program. And what better way than a list? I can't step away from my COO tendencies:

  • As a perfectionist, I worry about every little detail being impeccable. But the reality is that it will never be perfect and that is okay. In fact, our time at Google proved to me that we were doing really well and on track to scale and grow!
  • It's important to surround yourself with other audacious entrepreneurs. We are crazy to be doing this and it requires a community and a support system. Our Google cohort will now be another community for me to lean on.
  • In order to scale and have a healthy growth, we need to learn from not only our mistakes, but the mistakes that other entrepreneurs have made.
  • Stay positive and open, don't be scared to admit what you don't know. Google cares about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dream of scaling a business and this is proof.

Thank you Google for Entrepreneurs and Galvanize for making the first campus exchange experience incredible!

- Andrea, Co-Founder & CPO


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