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New! Check in with loved ones with one press & more

New! Check in with loved ones with one press & more

Revolar Wearables Just Got An Upgrade

Over the past few months, we talked with Revolar users to learn more about what could enhance their Revolar experience. Today, we’re excited to release the latest version of the free Revolar app, which includes updates inspired by these conversations with our users. Check out the three new features that we’ve added to our latest app version to make Revolar wearables more powerful and our users’ lives a little easier:

New Revolar wearable features

1) Check-ins:

One press lets your contacts know where you are and that you’re safe and sound.

We’ve all been told, “Let me know when you get there!” With Check-ins, you can tell your chosen contacts that you’ve arrived with one press of your Revolar wearable. That means your contacts feel good knowing you made it, and you can focus on being present. Also, the Check-in feature only shows contacts your one-time location.

How to set up Check-ins:

First download the latest version of the Revolar app. Then open the app, tap “Contacts”, tap a contact’s name, and tap the blue “OK” circle to make this person a Check-in contact.

2) Custom Messaging:

Personalize the messages and instructions your Revolar contacts receive when you send a Check-in or Alert.

Different people carry Revolar wearables for different reasons, and we created custom messaging so Check-ins and Alerts can meet your unique needs. With custom messaging, you can easily edit the message your contacts see when they click on your Check-ins or Alerts. For example, you might want Yellow Alerts to ask your contacts to (virtually!) walk you home while Red Alerts could be customized just for emergencies.

How to set up Custom Messaging:

First download the latest version of the Revolar app. Then open the app, tap “Settings”, and tap “Customize My Messages.” From there you can choose to personalize your Check-ins, Yellow Alerts, and Red Alerts.

3) Ring Me:

Two presses can send you an automated phone call to help you ditch uncomfortable situations.

If you’ve ever wish your phone would ring so you could excuse yourself from an uncomfortable situation, this feature is for you. With Ring Me turned on, you’ll receive a pre-recorded phone call anytime you send a Yellow Alert. That makes it easy to cut through the tension and leave a situation if something doesn’t feel right or you’re just ready to go. Your Yellow Alert text messages and emails will still be sent to your contacts when you activate Ring Me.

How to turn on Ring Me:

First download the latest version of the Revolar app. Next, open the app, tap “Settings”, and tap “Set Up Ring Me”. Then, just toggle on the Ring Me feature.


Ready to update your Revolar app to get these new, free features? Here’s how:

iOS Users: Open the App Store and tap updates in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Then find the Revolar app and tap the “Update” button beside it.

Android Users: Open the Google Play app. Tap the menu button, and then tap “My apps & games.” From there, find the Revolar app and tap the "Update" button.

Have questions or comments about these new features? Please contact us!


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