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Fun College Care Package Ideas for Winter and Beyond

Fun College Care Package Ideas for Winter and Beyond


Whether the college kid in your life is starting the second semester of freshmen year or a senior on the home stretch toward graduation, send them love-in-a-box with our ideas for a fun care package for winter and beyond.

 Keep Them Warm

  • Blanket - What's a warmer comfort than a fleece blanket? Dormify has blankets and throws to fit every college student's style and personality, from cozy crochet knits to faux fuzzy furs.

Keep Them Healthy

  • Tasty Tea -  Tea is both comforting and healthy—even better, it may enhance immunity and help ward off seasonal colds and flu. We recommend green ginger tea to boost energy and focus. Or send a calming chamomile tea to unwind after a tough exam. 

Keep Them Feeling Loved

  • Family PhotosLiving away from home can be an adjustment for some students. Remind them you're still there with a framed photo of the family. This frame on Dormify wins in style, easy assembly, and for being able to display up to 40 photos in a single frame.
  • Pet-inspired Desk Accessories - Most dorms don’t permit pets, making it tough on college kids to say goodbye to the furriends back home. These pawesome scotch tape dog dispenser and post-it cat on Amazon have a double major in practical use and cuteness.  

Keep Them Connected

  • A Revolar Wearable - Your college kid may have left the nest, but they can still check-in or let you know if something’s not right. The Revolar wearable lets them communicate fast in a few clicks of a button.
  • Portable Phone Charger - For the student always on the go, a portable phone charger can make sure they’re never stopped by a low battery. This small, compact external battery on Amazon can charge iPhones, iPads, or Samsung Galaxies. And this one on Amazon is shaped like a pizza emoji.
  • An Uber Gift Card -  Whether they wake up late for class or need a ride home from the library, an Uber gift card will allow them to tap a button and get a ride within minutes.

Keep Them Inspired

  • Chalkboard Globe - Yes—a globe you can write on. For the adventurous student, college is a time of setting travel aspirations. This chalkboard globe from Jet makes a fun desk decoration, all while keeping the dreams to explore in view.


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