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An Announcement & My Favorite Startup Lesson

First, I’m excited to share that Revolar is taking part in its second Techstars program, Techstars Retail — an accelerator created in partnership with Target. A huge thanks to Techstars and Target for the opportunity to push our product, our thinking and our team to new heights.

Now for that lesson I’m so fond of. I recently had a call with Paul Berberian, a mentor of mine and the CEO of Sphero, to talk about how my team would approach our 2nd Techstars. I started to drive straight into my vision for the program before Paul stopped me, “Don’t let your vision get rigid,” he advised. “Go into Techstars with an open mind and have fun.”

This simple piece of advice from Paul really struck me and stuck with me. As a founder, there are concepts I hear about time and time again … “fun” typically isn’t one of them. Yet, in many ways, it’s actually what gives people the mental flexibility and creative fuel to solve challenging problems.

But how do we encourage a culture of amazing work without forgetting to come up for air, to laugh and to celebrate each other’s successes?

Of course, the answer is as complex as organizations are diverse, but there’s something simple and universal that helps create an environment where fun (and innovation!) are possible. For me, it all starts with gratitude, which helps improve trust and empathy on teams — setting the stage for having a good time while doing great work.

At Revolar, we’ve made gratitude part of our weekly team meetings. We still talk about objectives and key results, asks, ditches and the like, but we start by opening the floor for gratitude. Those simple five minutes on Monday morning encourage better collaboration, communication and results all week long.

So what or who are you grateful for this week? For me, it’s the opportunity to learn and grow at Techstars Retail, and for the amazing team and partners that have made that possible.

– Jackie, Founder & CEO


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